Welcome to Emory Valley Mercantile! We're so glad you dropped by. We hope you'll find inspiration for making your home a place that's welcoming and comfortable. It's our belief that your home is a sanctuary from the sometimes harsh world and that you should feel​ like you're getting a big hug every time you walk in your front door.  

We're nestled in a little valley near the Smoky Mountains where beauty and scenery abounds. Our families have been in the area for over 200 years and our roots run deep here. Legend has it that some of our industrious ancestors harvested trees and then floated them in the rivers westward until they reached the Mississippi River and then on to New Orleans. Once they arrived, they traded the wood for horses and various supplies and brought them back to sell to the local residents. These trips likely involved traveling back home along the Old Emory Road that existed in the early 1800's and which is the inspiration for our shop name.


Being merchants has continued through the generations. Our parents operated a paint and decorating shop for nearly 40 years in East Tennessee and grandparents ran a cigar factory in the early 1900's in middle Tennessee. We had a brick and mortar decorating shop in Nashville for 12 years and also operated a sister website in the early 2000's, providing home goods to design-savvy customers across the US.  

farmhouse house style home decor

 Our blog, Postcards from the Ridge, has documented all the updates made to our vintage 1960's home over the past 7 years. You'll find projects, decorating ideas, organizing tips, recipes, and much more. Visit us there at Postcards from the Ridge.

For the Emory Valley Mercantile we've hand selected specific goods that will bring charm, character, and style to any space. While you're here be sure to visit our different "shops" to see what we're currently offering. Merchandise will be changed out regularly so be sure to check back often.


Questions? Comments? Funny jokes or favorite recipes? Email us at customerservice@emoryvalleymercantile.com. 

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